Why should you eat high fibre foods?
Fibre found in high fibre foods is an indigestible form of carbohydrate and it does not get absorbed but passes through the large bowel as bulk in your stools. In short, it does not matter whether they have a high GI, or not. They lower the blood sugar levels when high GI foods are digested, due to slow absorption.Remember, the meat and fish you eat veggies and fruits have no fibre and is totally digested and absorbed. Fibre is mostly found in carbs like the veggies and fruits we eat. Again, some have increased levels of fibre and others have low levels. Do you know that it is the fibre component in plants that gives the strength to stay upright: it forms the skeleton of the plant? The fibre in the carbs you consume comes in two varieties, both of which are beneficial especially to diabetics and for those who go on diets to reduce weight.

Sydney reception for the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan
Members from "Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan" (SLAEAJ) visited Sydney recently. Main purpose of this tour is to discuss the establishment of Samurai Motor Group in Australia. Dinner was organised at Blue Elephant restaurant to discuss other "Trade & Investment" opportunities such as Property Investment in Sydney. Special thanks to Mr. Jagath Ramanayake (President SLAEAJ) and Mr. Sam Manadeniya (CEO Samurai Motor Group) and their members for organising this tour.