mnn James Rajanayagam (26th April)

Farewell luncheon for His Excellency Mr. S. Skandakumar 28th April
The staff of the Office of the Sri Lankan Consulate General in Sydney, in conjunction with Sri Lankan Association NSW, have organised a farewell for the highly popular High Commissioner who is returning to our Motherland following the completion of his tenure in Australia. You have an opportunity to say goodbye to him personally.

How Does the Baby Gets Its First Dose of Healthy Gut Microbes?
“If your gynecologist asks you whether you would like a ‘painless delivery or painful natural delivery’-opt for the latter- if you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your baby”. The early implementation or microbial colonization after birth has a considerable impact upon the health of the child and the future adult. Whilst getting the first dose of micro biota through the mother’s placenta, the passage through the vagina gets further doses of micro biota colonized in the vaginal passage. In addition the baby gets its nature’s antibiotics and the rich in oligosaccharides, nutrients which are beneficial for the health of the micro biota, through breast milk.

High tea in Autumn 2019 - presented by SPM
The Past Pupils and their Guests enjoyed an afternoon of music, food and entertainment for a worthy cause. A short presentation of charitable work carried out to the under privilege schools in Sri Lanka, and contributions made in Australia to date, was presented for the benefit of those who attended the event. The 3 piece band kept the audience captivated with a mix of great songs which was thoroughly enjoyed by young and old.

Ashawe Veedi-Riya - Another Classic Dramatic Production Presented by Champa Buddhipala of Sri Ranga Sabha Inc.
Champa Buddhipala’s erudite and highly celebrated full translation, Ashawe Veedi-Riya was selected for the final round of the State Drama Award Festival and nominated for the Best Drama translation at the State Literary Award Festivalin 2017. This complete and well-acknowledged Sinhala dramatic version will be his seventh classic gift to global audiences, with an exquisite selection of famous and distinguished stars. Ashawe Veedi-Riya will also be performed in two other major cities - Canberra and Melbourne.

SPUR NSW completes a series of humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka
A few of SPUR NSW committee members who are currently in Sri Lanka identified several humanitarian projects that needed attention. The first project was assisting a tube well project at Anamaduwa Mudalakkuliya Wijaya School. This school is in a dry zone of Puttalam District  and the students attending the school were without drinking water. The project was successfully completed and it was declared opened by General Kamal Gunaratna.

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