Upul Mahen De Silva launches his CD in Sydney with singing stars from Sri Lanka in attendance.
Upul Mahen De Silva launched his CD on 02nd October 2017 at Thornleigh Community Centre. Visharada Nanda Malini, Dr Rohana Weerasinghe. Dr Victor Ratnayake participated and two duets were sung by Upul Mahen with Visharada Nanda Malini

Five to ten minutes to each patient and him or her walks out clueless!
Sri Lankan specialists have no time to spend sufficient time to listen to patient’s symptoms, examine and give an opinion, within the brief time they spend unlike in practices in most developed countries. In Australia, the Medicare system rewards a nominal consultation fee for a 20 minutes consultation and a half an hour with a specialist, and more if required.In Sri Lanka, you pay from your own pocket over 2,000 rupees for a consultation of 5-10 minutes after hours of waiting. A good example of that, I quoted in my article was that there was an eye surgeon in Kandy who would see 60 patients in the morning before visiting the hospital to see his warded patients. This sought of practice is unheard in most other countries.

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