Mrs Thiruselvam Wijeyanayagam

Bellbirds’ fine spread of a hot curry night
The biting cold didn’t dither 120 guests shuffling in to the Sydney School of Arts Centre in North Ryde to enjoy the Bellbirds spread on their Hot Curry Night. Visitors were welcomed to a unique table décor – lighted candles in thimble (shot) glasses surrounding a large plate-sized mirror offering (also reflecting) enticingly fresh yellow, red and green Capsicums. Then add a handfuls of lusciously ripe cherry tomatoes, glistening red onions, toned down with delectable greens of mint and other succulent herbs.

Dietary Fibre and Whole grains
Sri Lankans love white bread and white processed rice. They are more tasteful and easy to digest than the unprocessed and the latter is produced less and more expensive to the average person. White flour is bleached and it destroys the vitamin E. Extra refining of white flour pushes the price up. Indi-appams (string hoppers) cooked both with brown and white rice flour seems to be equally popular (personal observation). 20 string-hoppers cooked from brown flour cost only rupees hundred- less than an Australian dollar. That is how cheap the street foods could be.

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