Eating eggs for breakfast will prevent a stroke?
New research has shown that eating an egg a day may protect against cardiovascular disease, according to a study published online May 21 by the journal Heart. Researchers found that people who ate one egg every morning had an 18% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and a 28% lower risk of having a haemorrhagic stroke, compared with people who did not eat eggs. This study was on more than 400,000 adults ages between 30 to 79. All participants were from 10 survey sites in China. The participants were given eggs to eat and were traced their health for nearly nine years using registries and other methods.

Appa! Appa! Bittara Appa! … with the Bellbirds
More than one hundred and fifty members and guests delved into those magnificent hoppers prepared by Kumarika and her team of helpers; the crispy, bowl-shaped pancake-like meal made with rice flour that can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The centre of the bowl can be of plain flour, or a parboiled egg or those with a sweet tooth can opt for kittul juggery. As accompaniments, they served generous helpings chicken curry, beef or lamb curry, seeni sambal and coconut sambal, followed by the dessert of curd and kittul honey…all delightful!

Billy Fernando and the Two Forty Two band Live in Sydney
The concert was organised by the Nalandians in Sydney in order to raise funds to provide scholarships for talented under privileged students studying at Nalanda College. The atmosphere at the concert hall was electric. Billy Fernando and his band displayed sheer talent Lankan musicians have in entertaining the crowds. The capacity crowd coming from all stages in life were entertained by the talented musicians.