Spicy Penrith - The Grand Annual Multi-Cultural Festival - photos by Roy Grafix

Elouera Toastmasters 25th Anniversary celebrations - Pennant Hills, NSW, photos by Roy Grafix
In the past 25 years Elouera Toastmasters have had a significant growth in membership and its achievements. The Club received the President's Distinguished Club awards, Select Distinguished Awards and the Distinguished Club Awards. Most recently (2018) at the District 90 Public Relations awards Elouera Toastmasters received the awards for Best PR Press Release, Best Club Newsletter, and Best PR – Media.

Three important books with focus on our current society launched in Sydney
Consultant psychologist and retired senior lecturer in Psychology and Philosophy, at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, is the author of these three important and timely books:
Family Counselling and Therapy
Suicide Intervention and Prevention
Self-Concept and Self-esteem - co-authored with Professor Emeritus Roland Abeypala.

Sri Lankan Over 50’s Cricket -  Our proud sponsors and supporters. Thank You and Best wishes to all teams.

Alcohol what it does when consumed
Alcohol is not an essential food like the carbs, protein fat, vitamin, minerals and water you consume daily. Alcoholic drink primarily consists of water, alcohol and sugar. The calories come from alcohol and sugar are referred to as, ’empty calories’ because of the lack of any nutrients.Though in most countries people drink alcoholic beverages, the percentage of addiction seems to be small, as most drink only on occasions. People below the poverty line seems to drink more than the affluent. Alcohol is made through a process of fermentation when sugar breaks down into ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide. At the next stage carbon dioxide gas bubbles escapes into the air, leaving alcohol and water. Then, through a distillation process water is separated from the alcohol.