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jkj WEINMAN, Dr Darrel Felix

Biennial Sinhala School Concert photos taken by Roy Grafix and selected by SCF committee are on line.

Remembering Founders of Sri Lankan Buddhist Schools
The Sri Lankan Buddhist Schools Forum – NSW, formed last year, conducted it’s inaugural Religious Ceremony on 22 August 2017 at Lankarama temple premises with the guidance of Reverend Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero, the Chief Prelate of the temple, to remember the Founders of present Buddhist Education System in Sri Lanka and passed merits to them befitting to Buddhist traditions.

Pera Uni Alumni of NSW Annual Ball - Hantana Night 2018
The annual dinner dance of the Peradeniya University Alumni Association - NSW Chapter (PUAAN) was held for the 12th successive year, on 06 October, at the Hornsby RSL Club. The arriving guests were treated with a welcome drink of champagne, beer or juice. Our own home grown Master of Ceremonies Neil Horadagoda got on stage at 7.00pm like the “pothegura” or the narrator in Prof. Sarathchandra’s nadagam style dramas to begin the  activities by welcoming the guests and narrating the evening’s program, house keeping requirements and a bit of history of the Hantana Night events over the years.

University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc. AGM
The meeting was well attended by more than forty five Colombo University Alumni Association of NSW (UCAANSW) members. ‘The President’s Report’ which highlighted the disbursement of scholarships to thirty six (36) undergraduates of University of Colombo and introducing University of Colombo students & staff Well-being Project’ demonstrated the dedication and commitment of the past year’s UCAANSW committee to meet the objectives of this prestigious organization. 

Are you on synthetic vitamins supplementing your natures vitamins in food?
The synthetic forms appear to be absorbed from the gut just like the natural forms. One exception mentioned is vitamin E is that the natural form is better absorbed than the synthetic form. So, in most synthetic vitamin E contains more natural vitamin E for better absorption. The role of vitamins is that they participate in thousands of chemical reactions going on in each cell. Each cell processes the proteins, fats and carbs from the food you eat. And vitamins and minerals are essential parts of those chemical reactions, within each cell. This article is all about whether you should purchase synthetic vitamins or go for the natural food vitamins.

Australia playing host to the inaugural over 50s World Cup tournament
The organising committee has announced an opening meet-and-greet for all teams on November 20th at a picturesque harbour view location in North Sydney. All teams will be welcomed and briefed on tournament protocols and procedures. “It will be an extremely colourful occasion where all participants dressed in their national clothing will meet each other for the first time before doing battle on the hallowed cricket fields of Sydney”.  Watch this space for more announcements and the opportunity to meet our players and get into the swing of carnival cricket “Sri Lankan style”.