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Photos from the 60th wedding aniversary of Dr. Harold and Iranganie Gunatillake

Doubtful ‘Science of hypertension-according to Dr Hegde
Dr Hegde states that, as a researcher in the field for the past half a century, I fail to understand any scientific basis for blood pressure (BP) guidelines. But the drug companies keep coming out with expensive new BP-lowering drugs without any long-term experiential wisdom.This is not true in everyday practice of doctors. Doctors do not prescribe any new drug that they are not familiar with. If medical reps do supply newer drugs, the practitioners will prescribe the drugs they are familiar with and has stood the test of time, experience, and wait until they hear or read about the efficacy and the compliance of the newer products through independent researchers. The doctors may change to newer products as alternatives, if the prescribed medication does not seem to be effective. Doctors do not act as drug pushers at the whimsy of the companies.

Sydney’s property market ‘just keeping head above water’ as almost half of homes fail to sell at auction
Mr Christopher said the downturn was a result of a regulatory double-whammy when APRA cracked down on interest-only loansand the federal government clamped down on tax deductions and depreciations on investor property related expenses and items.Cooley auctioneer Damien Cooley said he too had noticed investors deserting property since the regulatory changes. “I think there are a lot of people potentially redirecting their money into other investments instead of buying a two-bedroom unit and renting it out. There’s not real short-term gain right now,” Mr Cooley said.