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Wesley College Colombo OBA NSW Inc - Spring Ball 
The Double Blue Spring Ball organised by the Wesley College Colombo OBA NSW, to celebrate the 145th anniversary of their College in Colombo, was held on 28th Sept. 2019.

Lal Wickrematunge bids Adieu - Dilip Kumar 
Australia is an important ally of Sri Lanka and diplomatic relations between the two countries date back to 1947. Sri Lanka by such consideration picked their diplomats to Australia and more so to the business capital of Sydney, after much consideration. When Lal Wickrematunge was posted to Sydney, late 2015 there was but curiosity ...

The Felicitation Ceremony to Farewell Consul General Mr. Lal Wickrematunga 
On a sunny Sunday the 15th September 2019 , several Presidents and Leaders of various Sri Lankan communities and distinguished Sri Lankans resident in Sydney gathered together at the Hotel Mercure in Liverpool to honor and felicitate the very popular Mr. Lal Wickrematunga, Consul General of New South Wales and Queensland who is leaving Sydney after four years of service to the Sri Lankan community as well as to Sri Lanka .

University of Colombo Alumni Assoc. "Golden Ball" - the cruise dinner dance 
“Golden Ball”, the cruise dinner dance organised by University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW was held on the 21st of September on board stunning “Starship Sydney”. The 5-hour cruise started off from Darling Harbour and toured around Sydney Harbour with the beautiful Opera House and Harbour Bridge as the backdrop.

Places in Sydney that I hate to go  
Yes, Sydney is clean and tidy. Yes, it is dynamic and vibrant. But beneath this façade is an element of disrespect for other cultures and religions which I find most disturbing.

The Sri Lanka Association of New South Wales Inc. Annual Winter Ball 2019 ‘Pride and Passion’ 
The Sri Lanka Association of New South Wales Inc (SLANSW) Annual Winter Ball 2019 ‘Pride and Passion’ was held on a grand scale on Saturday, the 7th of September at the Mercure Hotel, Liverpool. Attracting a full house, the event was a great success raising awareness and funds towards the SLANSW's seniors programs.

Farewell Felicitation for Mr. Lal Wickrematunga 
On a balmy Saturday evening, September 14th at Concord Function Centre, The Sydney Bens felicitated their most prominent old boy here in Sydney; the affable and much loved Consul General Mr. Lal Wickrematunga. Canapés and drinks at the foyer bar provided the well-wishers ample opportunity to mingle and chat being ushered into the beautifully decorated hall. The tempo of the night was expertly managed by the band Cazcade under the direction of leader and Sydney Old Bens’ President Yohan Pathinather.

A Night in the Galaxy – Presented by the Sydney Alumni of Girls’ High School Kandy
The evening started with welcoming the guests and then paying respects to their Alma mater by gathering to sing the school song. The President’s speech was followed by lively and vibrant music which brought everyone to the dance floor. The entertaining band catered to everyone present playing modern western hits as well as some timeless Sri Lankan pop and classics and of course the indispensable Baila. The dance floor continued to be filled to its capacity until the National Anthems of Sri Lanka and Australia were sung to bring the event to a close just short of midnight.

Sri Lanka Makes Stronger Presence at the Fine Food Australia – 2019
During Fine Food Australia, the Consulate General of Sri Lanka organized a business breakfast networking meeting for the Sri Lankan exporters inviting Australian food importers and distributors. Sampath Samarawickrema, Director/Marketing of the CDA made the presentation to the audience focusing the varieties of value-added Sri Lankan coconut products which can be catered by the Sri Lankan suppliers to the Australian consumers.

Ozlanka and The Sinhalese Cultural Centre Limited jointly announce the transfer of this domain to SCC
Mr. Nihal Fernando of The Sinhalese Cultural Centre Limited and Imtiaz Issadeen, owner Ozlanka are pleased to announce that they have concluded an agreement to transfer the operation and assets of Ozlanka to the Sinhalese Cultural Centre Limited. Ozlanka will be operated by the Sinhalese Cultural Centre (The Sinhalese Cultural Centre Limited, a Not-for-Profit organisation, a registered charity in Australia) to serve the entire Sri Lankan Community. The transition of the operation will occur in the coming weeks.

Recollection on the Beginnings of the Ozanka Website
As Chitran in his appreciation says, the website commenced as an experiment site in 1999 after a joking challenge by a friend of his in Sydney, and it rapidly became a reality, serving the expat Sri Lankan community in Australia and expanding to serve the Sri Lanka diaspora globally without a break, for the past 20 years. We had the opportunity of seeing the preliminary copy of his website, and of course, this was a time when we were so ignorant of the rapidly expanding techno world, and this website excited us all.

Final Editorial by Your Webmaster. "Are you growing old with benevolence or bitterness"
People react differently when it dawns on them that they now have a free life membership to the Old Person’s Club. One wit termed it the Coffin Club. Most logical and sane people will react in a dignified manner. Many will seek out old friends, some will go out of their way to mend fences and bury hatchets. Nearly all will seek companionship with like minded people in their age group.
Wake up and look around you. Ask yourself if you are a hateful, bitter, doubting Thomas. Or are you a benevolent, happy and content old man.

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