What happens to dietary carbs you consume?
The macro-nutrients we eat daily are carbs, fats, and proteins. Once, it was the fats that were exemplified as the devil and the nutritionists and cardiologists warned us to restrict to prevent heart disease, fatty livers, obesity among others. The complex carbs are dietary fibre and starches. The carbs with dietary fibre are nuts, fruits, beans, oatmeal, barley bran and veggies. Starchy veggies include potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkins, beans lentils and peas. Wholegrains are complex carbs and foods made from them are oatmeal, pasta, wholegrain bread, and brown rice.

Wesley College (Colombo) OBA (NSW) Picnic toThe Entrance

The Sydney Kolam Maduwa announces the ERNEST MACINTYRE ACTING AWARD
The Sydney Kolam Maduwa Inc  (SKM) will award one (1) acting award in honour of Ernest MacIntyre to the value of $600 to be used towards a ten-week Screen or Stage Acting course offered by the  Actors Centre Australia, situated at the Italian Forum, Norton Street, Leichhardt. The SKM calls for applications from persons who are interested in taking this course. One person will be selected.

“Sada Obeyi Ma” – CD Launch by Hemal Jayawickrama
The CD is a collection of 15 Sinhala songs and melodies of twelve of those have been composed by Hemal Jayawickrama himself. He sings nine songs in the CD including five duets with Shashika Nisansala, Lanka Priyangani, Samanali Jayasuriya, Iresha Gunasekara and Ruvi Nimnadee. Hemal has penned lyrics of one song as well. The CD was launched in a grand ceremony of music and dance held at Pennant Hills Community Centre on Sunday 3 March, 2019. The Sri Lanka Consul General in Sydney Mr Lal Raj Wickrametunga was the chief guest.

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