Only 65,610 square kilometres, the island's small size and diverse landscape has already made the destination an emerging travel hot spot for many Australians, with a projected increase in visitation by 33 per cent or 108,000 people in 2018 alone according to the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau. As the major destination partner of the Travel Industry Exhibition, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau will showcase 14 of the country's best tour operators in line with its leading luxury hotels and resorts as part of its pavilion at the event.

Your chance to hear the De Lanerolle Brothers live on stage in Sydney on August 18th
We have taken music and given it our twist. For example, if you take the 60’s and 70’s music, or even the Classical and Broadway songs, what we do as brothers is we bring in the element of harmony. Certain songs which were never written for harmonizing, we sing it in harmony. If you take people like Elvis Presley and his ‘Can’t help falling in love’ to ‘Burning Love’ to a Broadway song like ‘Love Changes Everything’ to ‘Sinatra,’ we bring in a harmony element, which a lot of people love. This is one of the key factors behind what we do. And we don’t forget people. In our journey of almost eight years, we have always done things for the wellbeing of others such as charity shows for the uplifting of the music industry and working with children. So I think even overseas, people appreciate the way we do things.

Just one drink a day will keep you away from Dementia- latest finding
Researchers also have found that moderate drinkers are less likely to get heart attacks than are abstainers. Therefore, the alcohol in wine might be a factor in the French paradox. It appears that the same factors that raise the risk of heart disease may also increase the risk of dementia. It is possible, that unwinding at the end of the day with one alcoholic drink may relax the brain cells, cardiovascular system and other organs to have that beneficial effect on the body to prevent dementia and heart attacks. It is likely that the brain cells are harmed and accelerate the damage rates of the brain cells among heavy drinkers and that may be a cause for dementia later in life. Brain cells do not die as we age, a new finding. There seems to be widespread conservation of brain cells as we age, and the neurones don’t seem to die, but you lose neurons as you age.

Peterites Magical Memories Dance
From the first songs from Kamis to Desmond de Silva’s last session, guests were treated to a very entertaining night at Bowman Hall, Blacktown, on Saturday, July 28. Importantly the money raised from the sale of raffles and the auctions of the autographed bats, will help provide more scholarships to needy several students at the alma mater. Hats off to the dance committee  - chaired by the indefatigable Shiran Viswasm - for providing a first rate night without busting the bank while president Amal Wahab patiently rallied and motivated the troops in the months leading up the event.

Waves of Splendour - STC's Blue Black & Blue dinner dance, celebrating 100 years at Mount Lavina. Photos are on line