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Visceral Fat- why is it harmful - text and video
Fat is found under the skin which gives identity to the genders. Fat distribution in ladies is different to that of men. Men do concentrate their excess dietary fat in the belly, wrapped around the vital organs including the liver, pancreas and intestines. And that fat is referred to visceral fat. This shape of the belly in men is described as apple shape; while In women, the fat is mainly under the skin and the belly shape is more like a pear. The good news is that visceral fat yields easily to exercise and diet with benefits ranging from lower BP and low cholesterol levels. Having a lean belly is a sign of good health

DISH Restaurant in Toongabbie- The Last Hurrah!
It was a sad day in many ways for the faithful diners and staff alike at Toongabbie. Having occupied these premises for 4 years, the ‘last supper’ on May 17th was a fitting way to bring the curtain down with a fine selection of accompaniments for the hopper obsessed patrons! Large table bookings were made well in advance and the typical “last minute” diners were placed on a waiting list and some, regrettably missed out entirely.  It was a sell-out night and the entire restaurant was packed to capacity. Manjula and his very courteous staff lived up to expectation and did not disappoint the loyal diners who converged for this last hurrah. 

Sri Lankan inter-Faith community iftar celebration (Video of the event)
Solidarity, Friendship, Peace, was the theme when the Sri Lankan inter-faith community joined to celebrate the first day of the following month as declared after another crescent new moon has been sighted. The iftar celebration was organized by combined efforts of Sri Lankan Consul General, and Australian Lanka Muslim Association, was held on the 18 th May at Blouza Function Centre, in Granville, Sydney. Over 400 men and women participated in the prayer's tradition, followed by speeches, and exquisite feast. It was a great evening for Sri Lankans of all communities to interact and show their solidarity for peace in Sr Lanka.

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