Inspector General of Police - Pujitha Jayasundera meets the Sri Lankans in Sydney

By our special correspondent

It was a great relaxing and intermingling function. The Sri Lanka Inspector General of Police, Mr. Pujitha Jayasundera went round and spoke to each and everyone, including the ladies.

He is a very practical, down to earth person. In his speech he said, “I am a cop in uniform, and that is all I am”.

He further said that all people who had illegally massed millions of dollars and deposited their ill gotten gains in foreign banks will be brought to book, and that was a promise he made. This was met with loud applause.

He further said that The President and the Prime Minister were working together as close knit team and it was a pleasure to work with them as this team work was paramount to success.

There were over 75 people- crowded within Blue Elephant restaurant, and hardly any space to move about.

They were all past students of Dharmaraja College, Kandy. IGP Pujitha also had his education in at that prestigious school in the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka. 

Ever popular vocalist, Bonnie provided smooth Sinhala hits and the many of the ladies joined in the singing.

Siva served an excellent dinner with a variety of dishes, all tasty and exquisite. 

After the IGP’s speech, Dr. Harold Gun a ti lake was invited to speak, as he was the oldest Dharmaraja College old boy present. His speech was well accepted by the old boys

The old boys of Dharmaraja College appointed an interim committee to form an OBA in Sydney, initiated by Pujitha himself.

Pujitha, is a great personality, very strong in his words, and obviously he means what he said. All Police officers need to meditate for 15 minutes before they start work and that’s strictly adhered by rank & file. 

The function was coordinated by Sam Masachchi-President SLA and it went on till mid-night.

The IGP has requested not to take any pictures of the function.



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