Adaraneeya Kathawak (A melody of love)

(Reproduced with thanks to the Sunday Observer)

The much awaited second screening of Adaraneeya Kathawak will be held on February 26th at the Reading Cinema - Rouse Hill. Adaraneeya Kathawak (A melody of love) is a 2016 Sinhala musical romantic film directed by Priyantha Colombage and produced by him together with Chaminda Gamage. The film features Hemal Ranasinghe, Udari Warnakulasooriya, Bimal Jayakodi, Aruni Rajapakshe in the lead roles.

Abhimana Jayawardene is a much talented, popular singer. Devili, who conducted a reality show at one time was said to be his fiancée. Although Devili later broke off connections, she renewed her interest in him after he became a popular singer. She hoped that one day Abhimana would serve as a judge in her reality show. Abhimana however, began to have a special interest in Piyavi Hansika, a girl with a humble origin and hailing from a remote village. She showed signs of becoming a rising star in the future.

Hansika, a sales girl in a drapery store, wants very much to be the winner so that she could use her prize money to treat her ailing father. When she failed at the reality show, she lost all hopes, as well as her job. She then found a job as a kitchen helper at a restaurant which Abhimana often patronised.

Abhimana got to know about Piyavi’s misfortune and decided to boycott all reality shows to profess sympathy with her. Piyavi fails to understand Abhimana, and believes that he is responsible for her downfall. Meanwhile, she receives a telephone call informing of her father’s demise. Enraged to see Abhimana with his friend Uvindu, Piyavi slaps him.

This incident is flashed in the newspapers, the following day. To appease Piyavi, Abhimana accompanied by his friend Uvindu, visited Piyavi’s residence and later she realizes that she had misunderstood him for the second time. When she returned to Colombo, she met Abhimana and apologized for her misunderstanding. She accepted Abhimana’s request to her to take part in his next reality show. Abhimana however, rejected her request to rekindle their love affair.

Abhimana is later taken ill and Piyavi takes care of him in his home.His reality show with Piyavi turns out to be a big success. Later, Piyavi was adjudged the winner of the Golden Kite International Contest. She proudly returns to the country and is acclaimed by her fans. Uvindu continues to be her manager.

Piyavi and Abhimana reconcile their differences. Exhausted after the concert, Abhimana began to cough and emit blood in the washroom. Blood oozed from his nose and mouth, and the doctor diagnosed him as a cancer patient, probably due to chain smoking. Abhimana’s condition deteriorated and Piyavi began to weep as Abhimana was the one person who helped her in achieving success.

Abhimana watched on the hospital television, Piyavi receiving her award as the best singer at the Presidential Awards Ceremony. When Piyavi returned to the hospital with her award, Abhimana has passed away But Piyavi clings to the belief that he is not dead and cherishes him in her eternal memory.



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