A Night in the Galaxy – Presented by the Sydney Alumni of Girls’ High School Kandy

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It was truly a night in the galaxy with all colors of the galaxy - Blue, White, Crimson and Indigo mingled with the vibrant school colors - navy Blue, sky Blue, Green and gold. The stars shone - Past ladies of Girls’ High School Kandy, who now call Sydney home were seen in their numbers with their partners and loved ones to grace this evening of music, dance and delicious food.

The evening started with welcoming the guests and then paying respects to their Alma mater by gathering to sing the school song. The President’s speech was followed by lively and vibrant music which brought everyone to the dance floor.

The entertaining band catered to everyone present playing modern western hits as well as some timeless Sri Lankan pop and classics and of course the indispensable Baila. The dance floor continued to be filled to its capacity until the National Anthems of Sri Lanka and Australia were sung to bring the event to a close just short of midnight.

This is the first ever dinner dance organized by the Sydney Alumni of Girls’ High School Kandy, and the event was an absolute success. This gives the beautiful ladies that organized the evening all the inspiration they need to do it once again next year. We wish them well.

Click to enjoy an album of photos taken by Sathyawadi and Sumudu



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