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We, Unite to Rebuild Sri Lanka (URSL) represent you, our fellow Sri Lankans and we are still proud to be either born or distantly related to the most precious pearl in the Indian Ocean.

Come join us on the 4th August 2019 at the Ryde Civic Centre, Ryde

Most of us, if not all, have left our beloved motherland either on a short-term or even a permanent basis, after having free education, as we obviously found better opportunities overseas. Even though we left the country, we have been patiently observing the developments and traumatic events with our keen interest to go back one day as proud Sri Lankans.

The three decade long civil war took us centuries backwards in terms of developments in all areas.

After the war finally come to an end, with the loss of many lives on both sides, we dreamt a peaceful country with an economic prosperity relying on the politicians who were elected in a democartic process. However most of them let us down election after election.

Our Motherland has suffered again and again since gaining independence over 70 years ago and the biggest eye opener for us was the most recent wave of indiscriminate bombings which took place in churches and luxury hotels, targeting innocent civilians and tourist; as the ruthless extremists found us a good harbor for terrorism.

We have never been in politics and we are sure you would fall into the same non political category. Not only that we will never become politicians nor their followers or belong to any political party.

What we have realized after a careful analysis, the reason for our failures or drawbacks was the disunity amongst us as civilians, politicians, different ethnic and religious groups. We have lot of fractures to heal and the only way forward is to come together as one nation, leaving our differences aside.

We shine as individuals overseas, but not as one united nation. We believe the time has now come to Unite to Rebuild Sri Lanka.

We need you as much as you need Sri Lanka to turn the country around. We represent Sri Lankans living overseas and we urge you to support our mission to rebuild our Motherland in many different ways.

We are confident that we can do this together…do not wait…come forward today to Unite & Rebuild.

We founded this movement as a worldwide group of Sri Lankan supporters living overseas, to bring us together under one flag and work under one platform, making our strength unassailable and enviable.

Unite to Rebuild Sri Lanka (URSL) is neither a political party, nor the supporter of any particular politician, we campaign and educate public for good governance and fair legal system in Sri Lanka as part of our long term mission.

"Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said, "
This is my own, my native land" 



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