Dont miss an extraordinary musical extravaganza at Chatswood

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On July 20th, the Sri Lankan community in Sydney is in for a real treat. Bro. Anton Charles Thomas will entertain you with inspirational music and a motivational speech. The event is being held at the Concourse Auditorium in Chatswood from 6PM to 10PM.

Bro. Thomas is very known in Sri Lanka and there are several YouTube videos of his events on line currently. His theme is simple. Unity, Peace and Prosperity.

Music has for centuries transcended cultural barriers and has succeeded in uniting people on the common ground of music and spirituality. A firm believer in this maxim is Bro. Thomas.

The spiritual movement funded in the early 90s by Brother Anton Charles Thomas rests on the belief that every religion in the world has an underlying vein of Dharma and has in the past two decades succeeded in communicating with many faiths at once.

His CD titled Kandulin Pudannam containing six teen songs was released in 2015 and is still a best seller. Some of the songs are Andura Medin, Mevage Ananthare, Pahana Nuyuna Wega and Mal Pethake Randi.

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