Are you growing old with benevolence or bitterness.

My final Editorial as the Webmaster of this great website which is now an institution.

As most people come to a point in life where they reach 65 years of age, their outlook to life changes. The realisation that you are now old hits you. The realisation that (in most cases) your parents are dead comes to roost.

You are now an old man (or woman).

People react differently when it dawns on them that they now have a free life membership to the Old Person’s Club. One wit termed it the Coffin Club.

Most logical and sane people will react in a dignified manner. Many will seek out old friends, some will go out of their way to mend fences and bury hatchets. Nearly all will seek companionship with like minded people in their age group.

This is very normal human behaviour. After all, when you are 65 and over, it would be very normal that your parents are no more. Your siblings are living in different countries or cities and your only contact with them is through phone calls or emails or SMS. Of course, now there is Facebook and WhatsApp etc.

Loneliness is a killer too. Having friends and companions is an essential element of a living a long healthy life.

Sadly, in our current socio-economic environment, not everyone is sane or logical. Insanity is not always recognisable and often, older people are considered eccentric rather than insane. Insanity is like a cancer, it grows to a point where it takes control of you, totally! Insanity causes people to become illogical and vice-versa.

Some people who are illogical, grow old with absolute bitterness and doubt in their hearts and minds.

They are bitter because the other person is more educated, or richer, or has a better car or house or a young and pretty wife.

This bitterness permeates deep into their minds and the ability to think logically is totally lost on them. They even doubt their old friends and start to imagine them to be their enemies. They target them with vile emails and rumours.

Their bitterness is the result of their own inability to be successful in life. Especially in a country where they migrated like many others from the homeland. This bitterness is more pronounced when the person has been living on the earnings of his wife.

Wake up and look around you. Ask yourself if you are a hateful, bitter, doubting Thomas. Or are you a benevolent, happy and content old man.

“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.”
The Lord Buddha.

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