Api Oba Samagai - Blacktown Sinhala School Prefects’ COVID-19 Community Support Program

Blacktown Sinhala School (BSS) promotes Sri Lankan culture to enrich the values in Sri Lankans in Sydney/NSW over 25 years. The school is one of the most prominent language schools in Sydney/NSW which is promoting multicultural diversity in Australian society to enhance the quality of life. Since teaching the Sri Lankan culture to the younger generation is a necessity to preserve that quality, the school’s vision is to build and preserve good values in our future generation based on both Australian and Sri Lankan cultures.

While achieving education excellence, school facilitate students to grow in leadership and emotional intelligence. The school’s prefect program is one of the programs facilitates students to enhance their skills in leadership, teamwork, innovation and governance. Blacktown Sinhala School prefects are executing the following COVID-19 community support program aka "Api Oba Samagai". While organizing this program reflects the vibrant ethos of the school, the support received from the community is exceptional. Following is the flyer which summarises the program.

MASS COVID-19 Donations

Please watch the following short video which was prepared by the Blacktown Sinhala School prefects.

We congratulate Blacktown Sinhala School prefects:

  • Tharani Sathsara Padukkavidana
  • Dulakshi Parami Kuruppu
  • Rithma Kushagrie Perera
  • Sahan Divithuragama
  • Sevin Hiruna Assadumage
  • Manuja Vikum Jayakodi
  • Lithira Punlit Mahagoda
  • Thevinu Nanayakkara

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