“Thorathuru”- Publication of the Sri Lanka Association of NSW Inc, Special Edition 2019

Reviewed by Dr Ubeyasiri Wijeyananda Wickrama OAM

The special edition of “Thorathuru”, the publication of The Sri Lanka Association of NSW Inc deserves the appreciation of our community for raising the standard of a ‘Newsletter’ to a quality readable ‘Magazine’, although it is called a Newsletter.

The Editor Kithsiri Senadeera in his editorial engages in a descriptive overview of the articles published in the magazine, which maybe a form of introduction to the reader. A well designed, multi-coloured print media publication, this current issue of “Thorathuru” contains valuable views expressed in articles provided by eminent academics and professionals ranging from non-controversial to controversial in nature, scope and presentation.

The forty paged attractive magazine consists of ten (10) articles that could be classified into a “variety of disciplines” with dissimilar substance but similar focus-as migrant writers of ‘culturally diverse Australia’. The article by the editor on “unity with conflict and diversity” is significant for all multicultural organizations. It is worthwhile in the first instance to recognise human behaviour to understand reasons for conflict and diversity. If ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the major operating guideline in a vibrant ‘culturally diverse society’, then conflicts that are inherent features in any human society has to be overcome by diligence, compromise, tolerance, discussion and negotiation. It is the only way available in a civilised generation. Articles on multi-disciplines in this issue are by Dr Gnani Tenabadu, Dr Don Wickrama, Mr Kithsiri Senadeera Dr Siri Gamage, Prof Maithri Panagoda, Dr Cicil Fonseka, Dr Senaviratne Banda, Mr.Nizar Sappideen and Mrs.Nalika Padmasena.

Under the Appreciation Section The “Thorathuru” devote ‘to honour those worthy of honour’ which should be appreciated. In accordance with this concept, Mr T.D. Wijeratne, the Founder Secretary and a former President, Prof W. Ariyaratne a former President have been appreciated for their pioneering contributions. Mrs Shanthi Hyacinth Senadeera is recognised for initiating Seniors Singing Group as a gesture of gratitude. The listing of past Presidents since inception in 1973 reveals continued link and strength of the Association over the period. One of the key features of this “Thorathuru” is that it recognises the Sri Lankans awarded with Order of Australia by the Commonwealth of Australia.

Under the Miscellaneous Section the magazine revealed the large number of events and activities carried out by the Committee 2018/19 and its contribution to Sri Lankan community in NSW. The comparison of vital facts and figures of Sri Lanka and Australia are very useful information to the reader. The Section devoted to ‘Photo Gallery' portrays very colourful photos of the events of the year.

Finally it is a magazine ideally suited to be read and well preserved in hard copy form for archivic purposes.

Please Click here to read the “Thorathuru” special edition 2019


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