First we ask that you remember that Ozlanka is run with private funds for the benefit of the Sri Lankan community. Ozlanka is a Non Profit undertaking.



Please take time to read this page. (If you are planning a FOOD related event click to read the NSW regulations)

Due to amount of work, we cannot respond to emails where the question has already been dealt with on this page.

Thank you for your understanding.


What languages are permitted for an Event Entry?

You can use any of the languages of Sri Lanka. HOWEVER, there must be the English translation of the Event details or we will decline the event. Having English text will permit those who cannot read Sinhalese or Tamil to understand what the event is all about.

Do you accept all events?

No, we only accept community events in NSW from recognised and/or incorporated associations. We also accept events held in other areas provided the organisers are from NSW or ACT and are duly registered/incorporated in that State.

Events which are submitted without any content (BLANK EVENTS) are never accepted. You must provide details of the event in the space provided.

For a Food Event, you must hold a NSW catering license or be an Association with permission to run that Food event.

Weddings and Birthday parties are not accepted on this website. However we will host special events such as a birthday of a person over 80 years of age or a 50th wedding anniversary (or longer). Ozlanka is a serious community news site and we need to maintain our international profile.

We do not accept events hosted by individuals. Sorry!

Can we make changes to the event entry?

We will not make ANY changes or update the Events Calendar unless there is a cancellation, and this is the only allowed reason.

Our professional time is being given free to the community. There is a strict limit to how much we can give for free. Please do not ask us to make changes as we simply do not have the time.

Adding SOLD OUT can be done in the TITLE line only. .

Do you charge for a entry in the Events Calendar?

Entry in our Events Calendar is Free of Charge for Not for Profit organisations only. Commercial events are charged at our normal Advertising rates

How do you set the order of event if there is more than 1 event on the same day?

Events are displayed in chronological order.

We are running a commercial event, do we have to pay?

Events that are run for commercial purposes must pay a banner fee of $100 per event per entry. This is to partially off-set our expenses.

Are some events disallowed? And why?

We reserve the right to refuse any Event without being obliged to provide a reason for such refusal. Certain events that clash with other events or are not in the interest of the community may be refused, without reason being given. From time to time we may refuse an event where the organisers have been uncooperative in the past and abused a free service.

For legal reasons, we will not accept any events where the organisers and/or performers have had litigation with this website.

Can we send Ozlanka a banner for our event?


The following specifications for your image must be met. Do not exceed stated sizes as cannot host over sized pages.

Image format: JPG, GIF or PNG. No other formats can be used.
Maximum size: 480 WIDE x 650 TALL in pixels. (Portrait style)
Maximum total size of image: 100 kB.

Does Ozlanka cover events and what are the terms?

We do not cover events anymore. We can introduce you to one of our regular photographers and you will need to contract with them directly.

Can we send our own photos and report following the event?

Your photo are welcome but they must be of high quality. You may submit your own report and around 175 photos of any event within 5 days of its occurrence for publication on this website. The report format should be MS WORD or TEXT only. Other formats don't work on websites. PDF is not useable.

Photos should be in JPG format and each photo should be between 500kB and 1Meg.B in size. Photos that are smaller than 400kB will result in a very low quality album and must be avoided. PDF is not accepted.

Can we submit photos through a FTP server?

Yes we operate a full service FTP server. Photos can be submitted by FTP. We can provide you with a temporary password and login. You will need a FTP client such as FileZilla or FileCommander. Both have free versions available. Do a search on the internet please.

Please email us if you have any questions. Click here.


The responsibility for any Event notice in its entirety lies with the originator alone. Ozlanka does not verify the accuracy of Event Notices or the contents of same. Event Notices are displayed under the authorization of the originator per se. Any questions, claims, litigation etc. must be taken up with the event organiser(s) directly.

By advertising on the Ozlanka and/or our other websites, it is deemed that Advertisers and Event organisers have agreed to indemnify and hold harmless Ozlanka or its agents in the event of any claims, litigation and other legal action that may be the result of the Advertisements/Event Notice.