SLA NSW hold very successful fund raiser for flood victims

Report from the floor

It was a simple idea and the Sydney Sri Lankans came in large numbers to support this fantastic event. We wanted "to provide an opportunity for Sydney Sri Lankans to get together and have great time whilst assisting SLANSW efforts to rebuild hope lost in recent floods in Sri Lanka. SLANSW, team is delighted with the support of kind hearted Sri Lankans who gathered to support our brothers and sisters  in Sri Lanka.

The MC for the night Sujeewa Mudalige was sensational. DJ Asiri showed why he is the number one DJ in Sydney by moving the night so well and at the end had almost 200 plus on the dance floor. Panova catering owner ( Buddhi ) was very generous in his support and made his effort available for free of charge  to ensure the night raised as much as possible.

Hornsby Shire Council came to the party by making the venue free of charge. The invited singers were simply awesome.

The volunteers pre and post event simply showed how we work together in Sydney. Overall the night was a fitting tribute to Sydney's Sri Lankan community. It wasn't about
one organisation. It was about show casing what it means to be a Sri Lankan.

With two other major events on the night and having only made the event public 19 days in advance, they flocked from all parts, some as far as New Castle, Wollongong and further to join friends to have a fun night and help those in need.

It was fitting to see many wanting to join the SLA NSW and asking how they could get involved with similar efforts in the future.

Please check our website( and face book (slansw inc) for ongoing details on our programmes.

As the president of the Association I share  my sincere gratitude and respect to those who assisted us in making this event successful.

Sam Masachchi

Click here to view an album of photos from this event.



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