Ceylon Society of Australia’s annual ‘fest’ best ever!

by Doug Jones

“Amazing night! splendid evening, outstanding success, enjoyed it immensely, Well done - super show!!!  Everything went off like clockwork.”

That was how many of the 140 members and guests described their experience of the Ceylon Society of Australia’s Annual Dinner and Social held at the Pennant Hills Community Centre hall on November 24.

In more ways than one, the success of the evening was due to the enterprising leadership of the society’s new President Pauline Gunawardene, the first female to hold that office since inception. The entire committee and other members and friends spared no pain in ensuring that the society’s annual function would be the ‘best ever’.

Having ‘live’ music provided by Roger Menezes was an innovation, along with the introduction of a session of ballroom dancing to terminate the evening was a touch that was thoroughly enjoyed by all – expressed by their reluctance to leave the floor at closing time.

Sri Lanka Consul General in NSW Lal Wickrematunge, who graced the occasion, enjoyed the evening by participating in the singing and dancing.

Formalities done with, guests appreciated the socialising with one another while wracking their memories for answers to Thiru Arumugam’s looked-forward to quiz; entertained with a brief comedy skit by Suren Jayamanne, followed by dinner. Next was the sing-along, a big feature of the social – familiar faces, including the Consul General, made up the choir. Roger Menezes on the guitar with Hyacinth Jones on the piano provided the music with all guests joining in with gusto.

For the first time in the history of the society, a short session of ballroom dancing was provided. It was welcomed without reserve as seen by the numbers who thronged the floor.

Without a doubt, the CSA’s annual social was the “best ever!”

Click here to enjoy an album of photos from this event


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